Work Time, Break Time

Music Therapy behavior/vocational videos & songs for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will differentiate between appropriate work time and break time behaviors at a job or at school.
Domains: Behavior, Vocational

Special education students in high school may begin to learn vocational skills in the classroom and may even practice these skills in community businesses. For a student to succeed in the workforce, they need to show a significant degree independence and a great deal of personal responsibility. This project teaches appropriate workplace behaviors during work time and break time.

Work Time:

When it’s work time, follow directions.
Ask for help if you need it.
Don’t disturb others and always be safe.
Do your very best.

Break Time:

When it’s break time, you can play.
Have a snack or read a book.
Draw some pictures or just relax.
Break time, it’s your choice.

Depending on the abilities of the individual you are working with, there are several ways to test for comprehension. Yes/No questions: “Should you follow directions during work time? Should you read a book during work time?” Or when questions with two possible answers: “When might you need to ask for help – work time or break time? When can you have a snack – work time or break time?” Or you can have your student sort the included flashcards into two categories – work time or break time.

Of course, “work” doesn’t have to mean a job. Students do “school work” and are often rewarded with a choice or break time. So, I created an additional video & song for younger students to teach appropriate behaviors in the school setting. The chorus lyric “Work time. Work Time. You must do your job now.” has been replaced with “Work time. Work time. Listen to your teacher.” To make the video & song more relevant to school, additional changes have been made to pictures and lyrics in the verses.

Download includes:

  • 2 videos [mp4 video files]
    • Work Time, Break Time (job)
    • Work Time, Break Time (school)
  • 2 songs [mp3 audio files]
    • Work Time, Break Time (job)
    • Work Time, Break Time (school)
  • 2 sets of flashcards [PDF]
    • Work Time, Break Time (job)
    • Work Time, Break Time (school)
  • 2 lyrics [PDF]
    • Work Time, Break Time (job)
    • Work Time, Break Time (school)
  • 2 lyrics & chords [PDF]
    • Work Time, Break Time (job)
    • Work Time, Break Time (school)


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