Time For Music

Music Therapy hello song for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will respond to a greeting.
Domains: Social, Language, Speech

As a music therapist working with kids, you can never have too many hello songs in your repertoire. This song was created to address several skills that previous hello songs did not effectively target.

I have a couple of clients that can produce the L sound in the initial position of words, (this song is good for younger kids, this one for older kids) but struggle when an L sound occurs in the middle of a word – like “hello”. Beginning a word with the correct tongue position for L is much easier than beginning somewhere else and later needing to move the tongue to the appropriate place. This song slows down the pronunciation: “he” on beat 1 and “llo” on beat 3 (both sung on the same note) to allow adequate time for the tongue to get where it needs to be.

This song can also be used with non-verbal students who have augmentative communication devices. These range from BIGmacks to iPads with Proloquo2Go. On my iPad I use a free app called SoundingBoard. This program allows you to import your own pictures, record your own sounds, and email boards to parents. For an auditory cue, the therapist’s / teacher’s / parent’s “hello” is always sung on one note and the child’s response “hello” is sung on a different note.

I considered creating alternate versions for different settings, Time For School, Time For Class, Time For Speech Group… but figured if you’re using this song then it really is Time For Music.

Download includes:

  • Time For Music [mp3 audio file]
  • Time For Music (fill-in-the-blank) [mp3 audio file]
  • Lyrics [PDF]
  • Lyrics & Chords [PDF]


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