These Are Emotions

Music Therapy emotion identification videos & songs for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will classify portrait photographs as happy, sad, or mad.
Domain: Social

Many individuals with autism struggle to recognize emotions based on facial expressions. In this project, music is paired with photos to aid in comprehension.

Happy: Major tonic chord (I) performed with flute, celesta, timpani, and hand claps.

Sad: Minor subdominant chord (iv) performed with violin, cello, upright bass, and drum kit all soaked in reverb.

Mad: Flat major submediant chord (bVI) alternating with a note a tritone interval below performed with distorted electric guitar and bass with pounding drums.

These Are Emotions: Major dominant chord (V) performed on “emotion-neutral” synthesizer and drum machine.

Two full-length videos contain 12 portraits each: a boy, a girl, a man, and a woman with happy, sad, and mad expressions. Photos alternate with the SymbolStix icons for these three emotions. I tend to use a video first and then test a student one photo at a time, altering the order in which the photos are presented. Participants can answer verbally or by pointing to an included SymbolStix answer visual. If identifying the emotions of four people is overwhelming, or if the student only has difficulty with one person, individual videos of each eight people are included.

Download Includes:

  • 10 videos [mp4 video files]
    • These Are Emotions – 1 All
    • These Are Emotions – 1 Boy
    • These Are Emotions – 1 Girl
    • These Are Emotions – 1 Man
    • These Are Emotions – 1 Woman
    • These Are Emotions – 2 All
    • These Are Emotions – 2 Boy
    • These Are Emotions – 2 Girl
    • These Are Emotions – 2 Man
    • These Are Emotions – 2 Woman
  • 2 songs [mp3 audio files]
    • These Are Emotions (4X)
    • These Are Emotions (1X)
  • lyrics [PDF]
  • lyrics & chords [PDF]
  • answer visual [PDF]
  • 24 photos [jpeg]


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