Telling Time

Music Therapy clock videos & songs for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will learn to tell time to the hour on an analog clock.
Domains: Academics, Math

Perhaps one day all clocks will be digital and we won’t need kids to learn about hour hands and minute hands… but we’re not there yet. This video/song addresses the first step in telling time on an analog clock – time to the hour.

The chorus “time, time, time, telling time” is brief to cut down on the overall length of the video/song. Each verse lyric is repeated (in a modulated, echoey style) to persuade verbal kids to sing along, repeating what they just heard. During the vocal repeats of the small hand and big hand, the screen highlights the targeted number. During the vocal answer repeat, the screen shows the digital time that corresponds to the analog clock shown.

The first version of the video/song goes in order from 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock. For kids who figure out this pattern without actually comprehending the lesson, there is a second version of the video/song which mixes up the order in which the times are presented. The third and fourth versions follow the pattern of the first and second, but remove the sung and printed answers to allow the student to respond independently.

An instrumental version of the song is also included. This can be used to further mix up the order in which the times are presented or used in conjunction with a teaching clock. A variety of printed visuals are also included to accompany the song downloads.

Download includes:

  • 4 Telling Time videos [mp4 video files]
    • Order
    • Order (fill-in-the-blank)
    • Mixed
    • Mixed (fill-in-the-blank)
  • 5 Telling Time songs [mp3 audio files]
    • Order
    • Order (fill-in-the-blank)
    • Mixed
    • Mixed (fill-in-the-blank)
    • Instrumental
  • 2 Lyrics [PDF] Order & Mixed
  • 2 Lyrics & Chords [PDF] Order & Mixed
  • 8 Pages of Printable Visuals
    • 12 clocks – Order (text)
    • 12 clocks – Order (numbers)
    • 12 clocks – Order (fill-in-the-blank)
    • 12 clocks – Mixed (text)
    • 12 clocks – Mixed (numbers)
    • 12 clocks – Mixed (fill-in-the-blank)
    • 12 clocks – Blank
    • 1 clock – Large


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