Telephone Number Song

Music Therapy phone number song for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will learn their telephone number.
Domains: Academics, Math

A very common goal in the special education setting is for children to learn their phone numbers. This sort of rote memorization is accomplished easier (and with more fun) with the assistance of music. The way in which telephone numbers are written¬†utilizes the concept of “chunking” – breaking down a long string of information (10 digits) into smaller “chunks” (3 digits, 3 digits, 4 digits). This song further subdivides the final group of 4 numbers into 2 groups of 2 numbers each. The chunking takes place rhythmically with rests between the groups: 314 (rest) 384 (rest) 94 (rest) 13. The melody also plays a role. The song is in the key of A, so the first sung digit begins on A. The second, third, and fourth chunk melodies end on A to bring a sense of closure to each numerical group.

In the recorded example, the Archtop Music Therapy telephone number (314-384-9413) is sung 4 times in the first chorus, sung 2 times in the second chorus followed by a melodic lead guitar line to cue the child to sing 2 times, and the third chorus gives the child 4 opportunities to sing. This has been successful for some kids. Other kids have learned better with backwards chaining – me singing the first 3 chunks, them singing the last – then me singing the first 2 chunks, them singing the third and fourth, etc.

A fill-in-the-blank version is available for download to work on any phone number of your choosing.

Download includes:

  • Telephone Number (Archtop Music Therapy) [mp3 audio file]
  • Telephone Number (fill-in-the-blank) [mp3 audio file]
  • Lyrics [PDF]
  • Lyrics & Chords [PDF]


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