For What It’s Worth (with Mom) written by Stephen Stillsof the band Buffalo Springfieldfrom the album Buffalo Springfield (1966)* named after the Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company

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Lehman Family Drum Circle (left to right)Jim Lehman: frame drum, sandpaper blocks, cabasaJoyce Lehman: tubano, tick tock block, hand cymbalsJerry Lehman: darbuka, claves, triangleJeff Lehman: djembe, clatterpillar, cowbell

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When Mom Is Busy I had not planned on posting this song, but in our current coronavirus quarantine, I thought it could be useful to many families. This was written at the request of and with guidance from a mother …

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Cancer & Cookies Mom’s words: I cannot give enough praise to Jeff Lehman, owner of Archtop Music Therapy. Being in the field of special education, I have had experience with music therapy. I am knowledgeable with its profound benefits teaching …

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