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Once Then Stop Music Therapy perseveration song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will make a verbal request, listen to the response, and discontinue making the same request. Domains: Behavior, Social, Language Perseverate (verb) to repeat something insistently or redundantly …

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The Red Panda Devin loves animals. He just turned 13 and has already decided he wants to be a zoologist when he grows up. Several months ago, I showed him the video Hellbender by Saint Louis band Fire Dog. This inspired …

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Amazing Dangie Bros This is a video posted on YouTube about videos posted on YouTube. A songwriter should write about what excites and motivates them. Tristan is excited about Dangie Bros. He is motivated by writing a song and posting …

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Use Your Words Music Therapy behavior song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will refrain from inappropriate physical behavior by instead using an appropriate verbal phrase. Domains: Behavior, Social, Language Inappropriate physical behaviors are of serious concern for special needs …

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I’ve Been Everywhere AKA What Tristan Did On His Summer Vacation Vocals: Tristan New Lyrics: Tristan & Jeff Music: written by Geoff Mack, but best known as a Johnny Cash song Idea To Use A Johnny Cash Song: Tristan’s Dad …

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Colors Music Therapy color song for special needs individuals.Goal: Client will receptively identify nine colors.Domains: Academics, Language There are many music videos out there to teach colors. However, teachers and therapists are required to track progress and report data. These …

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I Need To Be Clean Bathroom song! This project is the result of a parent request. A middle school boy with autism understands the basic procedures involved with using the bathroom, but could use some improvement with cleanliness. Issues shared …

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Scream and Shout Music Therapy sensory break video & song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will take a sensory break in order to exhibit “ready to learn” behavior. Domains: Sensory, Behavior This project was a collaboration between myself and …

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Autism Awareness Day At The Firehouse – Monarch Fire Trucks! Face Painting! Bubble Bus! Balloons! Driving Course! Popcorn! Shaved Ice! Pumpkins! Music! Music!! Music!!! Music!!!! Music!!!!!! Music!!!!!! Music!!!!!!! Music!!!!!!!! Music!!!!!!!!!

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You Can Be Better Music Therapy anti-bullying song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will respond appropriately to verbal and physical bullying. Domains: Social, Behavior A cross-categorical special education classroom consists of students with a variety of diagnoses: intellectual disability, autism, physical …

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