Social Story – Camp Lakewood

Social Stories were created in 1990, by Carol Gray, to help individuals with autism better understand social situations. These days they are used with a variety of populations, can consist of text, pictures, or both, and can address other anxiety-inducing situations such as toilet training, visiting the dentist, or going to summer camp…

A client of mine is currently preparing for his first experience at summer camp. Being away from home for the first time can be difficult for any kid, but for a child with autism who thrives on routine it can be especially difficult: new people, new places, new foods, new activities, and no Mom or Dad around to help.

To prepare him for all of these changes in his routine, my client’s behavior therapists made him a Social Story. His parents asked me to assist. I took the Social Story and, with very little alteration, transformed it into a song and video. This child has shown an extraordinary ability to memorize and utilize information that has been presented to him in a musical format. I’m hopeful that what his behavior therapists and I have created will help him have a successful and enjoyable experience.

Social Story - Camp Lakewood