People Share with People (Sung Book)

In some music therapy sessions, I use books – books that rhyme and can be made into songs. In addition to teaching children about the world, books can be used to address a variety of skills.

Joint attention: the shared focus of two individuals on an object

Fine motor: turning pages

Vocabulary: learning new words

Receptive identification: “Point to the car”

Expressive identification: “What is that?”

Comprehension: various who, what, when, where, and why questions

Sequencing: “What happened first? What happened next?”

Summarizing: “What was this book about?”

and of course, Reading: identifying and decoding specific words in the book

Not all rhyming books make good songs, but this one certainly does. People Share with People (written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Molly Idle) is an excellent story about social skills that can be used with kids of various ages and abilities.

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