It’s Time To Go

Music Therapy goodbye song for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will verbally respond to a farewell with “goodbye” plus the appropriate name.
Domains: Social, Language, Speech

Some children with autism repeat sounds, words, or phrases they have heard. This is called echolalia. While this can be an important step in language acquisition, it can be confusing in social situations.

If I want to say goodbye to Joshua, I say, “goodbye Joshua.” Unfortunately, Joshua responds with, “goodbye Joshua.” The appropriate response, of course, would be to say, “goodbye Jeff.” That is the skill which this song teaches.

If your student’s name is not Joshua and your name is not Jeff, there is a fill-in-the-blank song included. All you need to do is sing “goodbye” plus the student’s name and “goodbye” plus your name as a model. You may begin by singing this model every attempt and over time remove the models as your student learns to sing the correct response.

Download includes:

  • It’s Time To Go (Joshua/Jeff) [mp3 audio file]
  • It’s Time To Go (fill-in-the-blank) [mp3 audio file]
  • lyrics [PDF]
  • lyrics & chords [PDF]