I Want

Music Therapy requesting song for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will request an object using the sentence “I want (object).”
Domains: Language, Speech, Behavior

I have numerous requesting songs, some of which I’ve yet to record and some of which are posted:
More, All Done uses sign language to request that an activity continue or stop.
I Need Help With That is a request for help with an object or activity.
When I Want Something From (Jeff) teaches requesting using a name, verb, and noun.
“I Want” is a simple 3-word verbal request for an item.

Making requests is a very motivating language activity for students because (if that request is granted) they get their wants and needs met. Because of this, asking for objects usually precedes discussing, describing, or answering questions about objects.

Giving kids the tools to get their wants and needs met also reduces problem behaviors.

The introductory lyrics describe the purpose of the song:

If you want something,
Don’t just say one word.
You can use a sentence,
To make sure you are heard.

The verse describes the problem… I have something that you want:

I have toy.
You want toy.
What do you need to say?

There are three choruses.
The first chorus models the targeted sentence four times.

I want toy.

The second chorus uses backwards chaining (removing one word at a time from the end of the sentence:

I want toy.
I want ___.
I  ___  ___.
_ ___  ___.

And hopefully by the third chorus, the child is singing the targeted sentence so there are four fill-in-the-blank opportunities:

_ ___  ___.

Students who are currently making one-word requests by just naming objects may be doing so due to speech difficulties. So in addition to the 1-syllable object “toy” there are also songs included for a 2-syllable “iPad” and a 3-syllable “computer”. Also included in the download is an instrumental song and a fill-in-the-blank song to target any object of your choosing.

Download includes:

  • 5 I Want songs (Toy, iPad, Computer, fill-in-the-blank, instrumental) [mp3 audio files]
  • 3 I Want lyrics (Toy, iPad, Computer) [PDF]
  • 3 I Want lyrics & chords (Toy, iPad, Computer) [PDF]


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