I Need To Be Clean

Bathroom song!

This project is the result of a parent request. A middle school boy with autism understands the basic procedures involved with using the bathroom, but could use some improvement with cleanliness. Issues shared by the parents included:
1. missing the toilet while urinating
2. not wiping thoroughly
3. neglecting to wash hands

Before composing the lyrics, I asked the client questions about some (PG rated) photos in order to determine the language he was familiar with:
1. toilet, not potty
2. bottom, not butt
3. pee, not urinate
To further personalize the song, a soccer metaphor was used. (There is frequently a soccer ball and goal in the boy’s living room.)

While, an ABA therapist is working on the actual mechanics of improving bathroom hygiene, my job was to make a sort of theme song for the child to recall when using the bathroom independently. Each of the targeted issues were given their own verse, while the chorus reiterates the overall theme of cleanliness.

Archtop Music Therapy