Für Stretch

Fifth meeting/concert/event of the First Tuesday Composers Club.

The First Tuesday Composers Club at The Dark Room in Grand Center is an informal, open club founded by Adam Maness and Tim Fischer to give an outlet for professional and amateur musicians and composers to experiment and share new music.

We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 at The Dark Room in Grand Center. Each month we have different musicians performing original compositions and arrangements that have been submitted the week before. Each month’s instrumentation will be announced at least 1 month prior to the performance date and we’ll pin an event with all of the month’s relevant info to the top of our page.

Für Elise was composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1810, for Elise – who was either Therese Malfatti von Rohrenbach zu Dezza or Elisabeth Röckel or Juliane Katharine Elisabet Barensfeld or Elise Barensfeld. Für Stretch was composed by me last month, for my parents’ cat, Stretch, who passed away.

Stretch was named such because he was long and skinny and it sometimes seemed that his back paws had difficulty keeping up with his front paws. He was a timid cat whose movements alternated between slow, careful (legato) steps and short, quick (staccato) sprints. In the middle of the night he would assert his dominance over my parents’ other cat, Pepper, by chasing her around the house – represented by the middle pizzicato section. Stretch was a good cat. He will be missed.

Compositions were performed this evening by cellist and professor Marta Simidtchieva. Marta is the wife of composer and former professor of mine at Maryville University Mark Connor.

Für Stretch p1Für Stretch p2Für Stretch