First Tuesday Composers Club – July 7

Tonight I attended the inaugural meeting/concert/event of the First Tuesday Composers Club.

The First Tuesday Composers Club at The Dark Room in Grand Center is an informal, open club founded by Adam Maness and Tim Fischer to give an outlet for professional and amateur musicians and composers to experiment and share new music.

We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 at The Dark Room in Grand Center. Each month we have different musicians performing original compositions and arrangements that have been submitted the week before. Each month’s instrumentation will be announced at least 1 month prior to the performance date and we’ll pin an event with all of the month’s relevant info to the top of our page.

The first event consisted of works for solo piano, which were performed by Patti Wolf. The majority of my composing is focused on educational songs for clients consisting of mainly guitar and vocals. Although I frequently improvise on the piano, I rarely take the time to formally organize and notate what I’ve done. I was inspired by the opportunity to A. create something that would be performed by a renowned pianist, B. have other people hear my work, and C. hear the creations of other local composers. So I wrote a song and called it Parasthesia… which is the medical term for when your leg or arm or whatever falls asleep.


I was proud of it. I submitted it. The next day I revisited it and realized it was only 60 seconds long, which is fine, but I thought I could contribute more. So I wrote another song – less frantic, more melancholy. I called it Departing Flight.


If you hear traces of “Desperado” by The Eagles, you’re not alone, although that was not my intention.

Overall it was a very cool event. Both of my pieces were performed. The instrumentation for next month (August 4) is a quartet of violin, viola, cello, and bass. This is way out of my comfort zone, but I’m going to give it a shot.

I encourage other composers to submit their works and other music lovers to come and listen.

For more information visit the group’s Facebook page at: