Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.
American Music Therapy Association

What are the qualifications of a Music Therapist?

Successful completion of an American Music Therapy Association approved academic and clinical training program, successful completion of a written objective examination demonstrating current skills in the profession of music therapy, and recertification every five years through the successful completion and documentation of 100 recertification credits.
The Certification Board for Music Therapists

Do you provide services for special needs children?

Yes. That’s what I do.

Do you provide services for pregnancy? neonatal care? eating disorders? substance abuse? post-traumatic stress? psychiatric facilities? prisons? day programs? hospitals? nursing homes? Alzheimer’s? dementia? or hospice?

No. That’s not what I do.

Will you work for my school, agency, or summer camp?

No. I work directly with families.

Who would be my child’s Music Therapist?

Jeff Lehman MT-BC

What does MT-BC stand for?

Music Therapist – Board Certified

Do you employ other Music Therapists, hire contractors, or supervise interns?

No. I do not have a spouse or children. Most of my friends do. This means they are usually busy and I don’t have much of a social life. I spend the majority of my waking hours working with kids, planning sessions, writing songs, and making recordings. It would be unreasonable for me to expect this level of commitment from a co-worker. I think of the children I see as “my kids” and I don’t want to delegate the responsibility of their care to anyone else.

Can I have a job?

No. You obviously have poor reading comprehension skills.

What does a typical Music Therapy session look like?

There is no “typical” Music Therapy session as it all depends on the needs of the client. There will be an acoustic guitar, a laptop, a child, and a Music Therapist. Parents of younger kids tend to participate; parents of older children tend to give their kids a greater degree of independence. There may be a floor, a couch, or a table and chairs. There may be written words, pictures, or other teaching aids. There may be a keyboard, a microphone, or percussion instruments. The quantity and type of activities vary widely based on the goals and attention span of each child.

How long are Music Therapy sessions?

60 minutes.

Where do Music Therapy sessions take place?

In your home.

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday. 2 PM through 10 PM.

What are your rates?

One regularly scheduled 60-minute session per week is $70.
A second regularly scheduled 60-minute session per week is $50.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Music Therapy is not currently covered by insurance in the state of Missouri.
Missouri Music Therapy State Task Force

However, some families get reimbursement for services from the Missouri Department of Mental Health through EMAP funds.
Eastern Missouri Autism Project

How do I know if my child will benefit from Music Therapy?

The only way to be certain is to give it a try.
Contact me for a free initial in-home consultation.

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