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If you have
A. Subscribed to the blog and received an emailed link for a free download
B. Purchased a download and received an emailed link
C. Don’t know what to do


What is Dropbox?

Downloads are posted on – a website to store and share large files. You will receive an email that contains a link to get your download. Click the link.

Archtop Music Therapy

You do not need to sign up for Dropbox to download files from Dropbox. Simply click the downward pointing arrow (highlighted in yellow) and choose Direct download.

Where did my download go?

This depends on what web browser you use. Most seem to have a folder named Downloads. Find this folder and you will find your download. My preferred web browser is Google Chrome. To download Google Chrome (for free) go HERE! I also prefer for my downloads to go to my desktop. They are much easier to find this way. To switch the location where your downloads end up in Google Chrome, read the instructions HERE! Similar ways to change your download destination should be available in other web browsers.

What is a zipped file?

Your download will be a zipped file. This is so you can received multiple items through just one click instead of multiple clicks. The zipped file looks like a white rectangle with a vertical zipper that says ZIP. Double click this and it will unzip the file and a normal looking folder will appear. You can now move the ZIP file to the trash.

What do I do with the files?

Lyrics & Chords are PDF files. Just clicking on PDF files should open them. The file type for videos is .mov. The file type for songs is .mp3. My preferred program to import these into is iTunes. If you have an Apple computer, it should already have iTunes. If you have a PC, you can still use iTunes, but you need to download it (for free) HERE! I prefer the organization inherent in iTunes. Also, if you own an iPod, iPad, iPhone, iWatch, or any future Apple iNvention, you will need iTunes to sync your music and movies from your computer to those devices. There are three ways to add songs and movies to iTunes.
1. Drag and drop your files onto the iTunes Library window.
2. From iTunes click File > Add To Library > then select your files.
3. Select the file. Then click File > Open With > iTunes
If you do not wish to use iTunes, other programs such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player should be able to open the songs and movies.

If you have any further questions please email me: