Music Therapy color videos & songs for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will receptively identify nine colors.
Domains: Academics, Language

There are many music videos out there to teach colors. However, teachers and therapists are required to track progress and report data. These videos are designed to both teach and allow for data collection.

Learning colors may not be as easy as you think. Colors (such as red, yellow, and blue) are adjectives, more abstract than nouns (such as ball, car, and doll). I once worked with a high schooler with autism who could read color words, but could not identify colors. Because he could identify numbers, his teacher was able to give him an online color blindness test. He passed. Many songs associate color adjectives with nouns. This can be confusing. Yes, most apples are red, but some are green and some are yellow and they are all more like white on the inside until they go bad and turn brown. Red grapes are purple, redheads have orange hair, and rednecks are white… or maybe peach. These videos avoid the color-object-pairings and simply display circles of colors.

There are 6 videos total. Each video previews the nine targeted colors in the song choruses before asking the student to touch three named colors in each of the three verses. For the student just beginning to identify colors, the first video is Fo1 – a field of one color. For those children who need help to understand that they are required to touch the named color, there is Fo1 prompt (field of one prompt) in which the named color circle becomes larger, mimicking the chorus visuals. Moving on, there are two field of 2 videos, one with a visual prompt and one without. The prompt videos can be used by kids independent of their teachers, guessing colors and then having their answers confirmed or corrected. The incorrect colors in the prompt and non-prompt versions differ to verify comprehension. While a student may easily differentiate orange from black, they may have a more difficult time between orange and red. The 5th and 6th videos are Fo3 and Fo3 prompt.

If your student masters the Fo1, Fo2, and Fo3 videos, you can still make the activity more challenging. A printable visual is provided that can be cut into flashcards. These can be used along with the included song to present a field of 4, 5, 6, etc. Or a full page visual can be used for a field of 9. In this case there is a fill-in-the-blank song included, in which the teacher can request colors to be identified in a mixed order.

Download includes:

  • 6 videos [mp4 video files]
    • Colors Fo1
    • Colors Fo1 prompt
    • Colors Fo2
    • Colors Fo2 prompt
    • Colors Fo3
    • Colors Fo3 prompt
  • 2 songs [mp3 audio files]
    • Colors
    • Colors (fill-in-the-blank)
  • Colors lyrics [PDF]
  • Colors lyrics & chords [PDF]
  • Colors visual [PDF]


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