This Year (2020) Original song by The Mountain Goats from the album The Sunset Tree (2005) Adapted lyrics and performance by Jeff Lehman MT-BC

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Once Then Stop Music Therapy perseveration song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will make a verbal request, listen to the response, and discontinue making the same request. Domains: Behavior, Social, Language Perseverate (verb) to repeat something insistently or redundantly …

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3 Letters Music Therapy letter song for special needs individuals. Goal 1: Client will identify uppercase and lowercase letters. Goal 2: Client will identify letter-sound relationships. Domains: Academics, Speech This project teaches letter identification and letter-sound correspondence. 3 letters targeted …

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For the Turnstiles written by Neil Young All the sailors with their seasick mamas Hear the sirens on the shore, Singing songs for pimps with tailors Who charge ten dollars at the door.   You can really learn a lot …

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The Red Panda Devin loves animals. He just turned 13 and has already decided he wants to be a zoologist when he grows up. Several months ago, I showed him the video Hellbender by Saint Louis band Fire Dog. This inspired …

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Many Ways To Say Goodbye Music Therapy goodbye song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will give an appropriate verbal response to four different farewell phrases. Domains: Social, Language, Speech Does the child you’re working with respond with “goodbye” when …

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The First Four Years Archtop Music Therapy began serving special needs children in St. Louis, Missouri on July 1, 2015. Thank you to the dedicated parents who have invited me into their homes and to all of the amazing kids …

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Where Do You Go? Music Therapy where question song for special needs individuals. Goal: Client will answer where questions about various places in the community. Domains: Language, Academics Many kids struggle answering “WH” questions: Who? Where? What? When? Why? The …

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Amazing Dangie Bros This is a video posted on YouTube about videos posted on YouTube. A songwriter should write about what excites and motivates them. Tristan is excited about Dangie Bros. He is motivated by writing a song and posting …

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Sing I always thought I shared a birthday with Willie Nelson. Turns out I was mistaken. He was born one day (plus 40 years) before me. While I lost a birthday buddy, I discovered a new one – Amanda Palmer …

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