Back To School

This week I return to school, not as a Music Therapist, but as a Music Therapy Professor!

Out of all my collegiate experiences, which have also included the Architecture Program at Washington University and the Business Program at Mizzou, far and away the best was the Music Therapy Program at Maryville University. The small class size, excellent teachers, and sense of community made it an unparalleled experience. Since graduating I’ve tried to keep in touch with the faculty and informed about the current students – so far having mentored 2 interns and 6 practicum students. (All of whom are currently employed as Music Therapists!) I’ve shared my recordings (music therapy songs and videos), provided footage of music therapy sessions, and been a guest lecturer on many occasions.

I guess because I’m now self-employed (and have a more flexible schedule) I was asked by Dr. Cynthia Briggs, Director of the Maryville University Music Therapy Program, to co-teach a class with her: Music Therapy 380 – Music Therapy with Children. My job is to supplement traditional book learning with real-world examples and experiences. I’m honored to have been given this chance and hope to inspire and enlighten future Music Therapists looking to work with children!

Maryville University