2 Syllables

Music Therapy speech songs for special needs individuals.
Goal: Client will repeat targeted 2 syllable words or phrases.
Domain: Speech

First, kids learn individual letters sounds,
like /b/, /ʌ/, and /s/.
Then, these sounds are combined to create words,
like bus /bʌs/.
Next comes the challenge of 2 syllable words or phrases,
like bus stop /bʌs/ /stɑp/.

Connected speech (more than 1 syllable at a time) can be extra difficult when it causes a change in how each syllable would be produced in isolation. For example, when saying “bus stop” people do not pause after the final “s” in bus and begin their new syllable with the initial “s” in stop. They turn the 2 “s”s into one long “ss” and say /bʌs tɑp/.

There are numerous ways to address 2 syllable words or phrases. I have included two examples: one with food words (sandwich, pizza, cookie, apple) and one with school words (teacher, classroom, pencil, backpack).

An instrumental song is provided for you to work on words or phrases of your choosing. You might target preferred items, student names, day words, animal words, etc. Or you may decide to take a more phonetic approach, using words with the same beginning sound (buddy, bunny, butter, button) or the same ending sound (eating, greeting, meeting, seating).

Download includes:

  • 3 songs [mp3 audio files]
    • 2 Syllables – Food
    • 2 Syllables – School
    • 2 Syllables (instrumental)
  • 2 lyrics [PDF]
    • 2 Syllables – Food
    • 2 Syllables – School
  • 2 lyrics & chords [PDF]
    • 2 Syllables – Food
    • 2 Syllables – School


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